Juggling gamesnjf2017
An annually recurring and popular part of the festival are the games. To be more specific: juggling games. During these games festival visitors and outsiders will get the chance to show off their talents in the form of, you guessed it, games. The participants will be pitted agains one another in order to beat the rest. Occurring games are, juggling with five juggling balls the longest, juggling with five clubs the longest, balancing a club the longest, throwing a diabolo in a box, doing a handstand the longest, etc.

When summing it up like that it might seem a bit boring, but during these endurance games the participants are challenged to do variations. Like, throwing a shower with five juggling balls, lie down on ones back during the balancing of a club, and so on.

Of course the winner of each game gets a beautiful and unique prize, which makes participating even more fun! So don’t hesitate and join the game!