For the festival visitors with an overnight stay we have a large campsite on which it is possible to place a tent (or caravan).

This campsite is divided in several areas in which the tents / caravans need to be placed. This prevents tents / caravans from being driven over by the fire department / ambulance if something should happen, which is a nice feeling for both us and the festival visitors.

The campsite is a 10-minute walk from the festival grounds, directly opposite the Thermal Spa in Goirle.
In this area, it is supposed to be quiet from 11:00 so the other festival visitors can go to sleep comfortably.
In addition, there is a badge check that is manned the entire day by volunteers to prevent strangers from getting to the ground.

If you are one of those festival visitors who is staying for the night, we wish you a good night’s rest!